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Travel with us to Granada!

Concord Falls Granada 2013
Double Falls at Concord Falls

On a visit to Grenada while cruising on Celebrity Summit, we enjoyed an island tour with a private guide.  One of our first stops was here at Concord Falls. There are actually two waterfalls within a stone's throw with lush tropical vegetation, thundering sound of water and a great little spray of mist to cool us off.  It reminded me of Fantasy Island and I wondered when Mr Rourk was going to show up!  Later on that day, we were treated to a local drink called Sorrel. According to our guide it's made by boiling the bloom of a sorrel plant, adding sugar and spice to make the most gorgeous "Christmas Red" drink...was absolutely delicious by the way.  It's usually served around the holidays and Rum is sometimes added.  If you're into local Rum, please ask us about Granada Rum.  I'm glad my Sorrel was non-alcoholic if that tells you anything!  

You see the blooms growing along the roads everywhere as it stands out amongst the green of the dense foilage of nutmeg, bay, banana, and cacao trees. Grenada is known as the spice island and is especially known for nutmeg production but my favorite spice is Cocoa.  It's hard to imagine that rich delicious chocolate starts as white gooey beans growing in a big pod hanging from a  cacao tree branch.  Thank goodness, someone decided to roast those beans! 

At the end of our half day "Spice Island" Tour, we asked the guide for a local place to eat and he really delivered a great suggestion.  BB's CRABBACK offered up some great local fare on the waterfront with tons of charm.  It's one of those places where you can leave your autograph, but you won't leave there hungry!  We dined on an assortment of Barracuda, crab, curried goat and sampled that local Rum I mentioned.  I can see why it's probably not exported!  We enjoyed some fun cultural immersion in Granada and will look forward to another visit...maybe Sandals Granada next time!